Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fix My Gun Trust

Given the recent statements of the NFA Branch attorney regarding the number of invalid gun trusts being submitted with NFA applications, it seems to be a great time to illustrate how a trust template from can be used to fix your trust if you've received a denial letter from the ATF.

The vast majority of gun trusts are set up as a revocable living trust, which means the grantor has the right to make changes to it in the future.  A trust can be changed with a simple amendment document, which usually revokes some portion of the initial document and replaces it with substitute language correcting the problem at issue.

However, the trust can also be "restated."  A "restatement" is simply a complete replacement document.  It's still the same trust, with the same trust name and original signing date, but a completely new document with all the changes built into it.

If you're not sure whether the gun trust you created by copying your buddy's trust or by using another D.I.Y. fill-in-the-blank form purchase on the Internet is sufficient or done correctly, you can restate your trust by ordering from and giving us your current trust name and original signing date.

Your new trust template will include the detailed language and proper directions to ensure that the ATF won't reject your future applications.  If you have questions about restating your trust, please contact us at your convenience.

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