Saturday, April 30, 2016

NSSF confirms 41p delay for gun trusts

IMG_0187The National Shooting Sports Foundation has confirmed in a statement on their website today that the ATF will postpone making a decision on its proposed rule 41p, which would require all "responsible persons" in gun trusts (and any other entity used to obtain NFA weapons) to supply fingerprints, photographs and the CLEO signature with each new application.

Their post: " IMPLEMENTATION YET SEEN FOR NOTICE 41P AS FINAL RULE . . . NSSF has confirmed with ATF that the bureau is unlikely to publish Notice 41P (NFA Trusts) as a Final Rule for quite some time. This is in part because EPS resources are being diverted to help process the 310,000 public comments received in response to the armor piercing ammunition framework proposal. In addition, it seems ATF has not prepared to revise the NFA database so that it can track "responsible persons" for NFA trusts. The proposed rule would require the responsible person(s) on an NFA Trust be fingerprinted."

This seems to suggest that finalization of the proposed rule will take far longer than the six months suggested at the NRA Conference in Nashville just over two weeks ago.  Let us hope....

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